Electric Vehicle (EV) Frequently Asked Questions

BMW Electric Vehicles

Are you still debating buying a new EV or another type of vehicle? Our BMW of Mamaroneck associates want you to have complete details about the possibilities available. Please take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions.


What are the different types of EVs and their terminology?

Any EV is an all-electric vehicle that uses no gasoline. An EV may also be described as a BEV or a ZEV. These terms mean battery electric vehicles and zero-emission vehicles.

You may also hear the term electrified vehicles to refer to both EVs and hybrids. A plug-in hybrid vehicle uses gas and a rechargeable battery. An HEV, also known as a hybrid vehicle, has a gas engine and a battery, but the battery does not require plug-in charging. An ICE is an internal combustion engine. These vehicles run on gas only.

Are EVs more expensive than other types of vehicles?

Generally, an EV has a more expensive price tag but lower usage costs. For example, EVs require no gas and have reduced maintenance needs.

Where do you charge an EV?

Many EV owners charge their batteries using a home charger. There are also numerous public charging stations. These charging stations usually have fast chargers that can replenish the battery power in under an hour. The specific charging times vary by vehicle.

Are there financial incentives for buying an EV?

The financial incentives available for EV purchases change from time to time. Your sales associate at BMW of Mamaroneck can give you the latest details about current incentives.

Can EV batteries be recycled?

The typical EV battery has a lifespan of roughly ten years. After the battery is at the end of its life, approximately 90% of it can be recycled.

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