The 2022 BMW i4 – Absolutely Electrifying

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2022 BMW i4
New BMW vehicles provide Mamaroneck drivers with mind-numbing performance and incredible levels of luxury. When you get into the driver’s seat of a BMW, you can anticipate a driving experience that’s unlike any other. Introducing the 2022 BMW i4, you’ll get to enjoy everything you know and love about BMW vehicles but with the added benefit of pure electric driving power.



The new BMW i4 offers a stunning design that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go. But, what really makes the new BMW i4 really shine is its performance and electric charging specifications. There’s no better place to learn about the 2022 BMW i4 specs than at BMW of Mamaroneck! Visit us today for more information.

2022 BMW i4 Specifications: Performance

Performance is almost synonymous with BMW vehicles. Climb behind the wheel of a new BMW and you’ll have plenty of power to get you through your daily Harrison drives. Fortunately, the new BMW i4 is no different. It provides the same performance you might expect from a standard BMW but offers it with pure electric power. Let’s take a look at some of the 2022 BMW i4 specifications in terms of performance:

  • Instantaneous Torque: Expect to go from 0 to 60 mph in as fast as 3.7 seconds* when you opt for the 2022 BMW i4 M50. That’s in part due to the instantaneous torque provided by the full electric powertrain.
  • Incredible Horsepower: In addition to impressive acceleration, you’ll get to enjoy a maximum of up to 536 hp, which is more than enough for you to power through your drives.
  • Superior Handling: Exceptional acceleration and horsepower aren’t the only performance highlight of the new BMW i4 specs. It features a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity to provide you with outstanding handling.

2022 BMW i4 Specifications: Charging & Range

While the performance specifications of the 2022 BMW i4 are clearly impressive, what about its electric specifications? New Rochelle shoppers will be happy to hear that the new BMW i4 also has excellent charging times and electric vehicle driving range. Here are some more specifications regarding the 2022 BMW i4 charging and electric vehicle range:

  • Around 300 miles of electric driving range on a full charge**.
  • Get up to 107 miles of electric driving range in just 10 minutes of DC fast charging***.
  • Up to 80% charge in 40 minutes or less with a Level 2 charger.
  • Charge from empty to 100% in under 9 hours using a 240V outlet****.

Learn More About the 2022 BMW i4 Specs at BMW of Mamaroneck!

Are you ready to drive the future with a new BMW i4? Visit BMW of Mamaroneck today! We can help you learn more about the 2022 BMW i4 so you can decide for yourself if it’s the right fit for your Mamaroneck lifestyle. If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch with our team for more information! Curious about our other exciting electric model? Learn about the 2022 BMW iX EV range and more today with our experts.


*BMW AG preliminary test results. Actual acceleration results may vary, depending on specification of vehicle; road and environmental conditions; testing procedures and driving style. These results should be used for comparison only and verification should not be attempted on public roads. BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts.

**The EPA and US Department of Energy estimates have not been released for the 2022 BMW i4. Estimated range of up to 300 miles according to preliminary BMW AG tests based on the EPA’s test procedure standards. Estimated range is attainable when fully charged under ideal driving conditions. Actual range will vary depending on specification of the vehicle, driving style, traffic conditions, and outside temperatures.

***Preliminary range estimate, available when charged with DC Fast Chargers at up to 200kW.

****In typical situations where the battery is not at 0% when charging starts, overnight charging will easily result in a full charge.

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